February 1, 2012

Of Widgets And Wonkiness

Okay, so that widget thing is stupid. Right now it's saying one day and twenty-three hours until I'm done work,

(that's DONE WORK for those of you who didn't catch the excitement font I used)

But one day and twenty-three hours from right now is Thursday evening at six pm or so. If you'll pardon me, that ain't right.

I'm too lazy to go fix it though, so right here is where I'll be counting down, starting now, using a few different reference points so we're all on the same page. You all know I'm helpful like that.

days of work left

but only

mornings to get up, get decent, get the kids decent, shovel food into the various gullets that are clamouring for it, stuff the kids into their winter clothes (those cursed winter clothes, how I hate them), clip them into the van, find a parking spot at daycare, unclip them from their car seats, waddle into daycare carrying the almost two year old and leading the three and a half year old by the hand, persuade them out of their CURSED WINTER CLOTHES, drop them off in their rooms, wave through the window as requested, and hotfoot it to work without actually speeding because that would be illegal.

I'm missing it already...

And in case you're wondering what I'm like now that I'm pregnant, and don't mind a bit of cussing, this is for you: