February 3, 2012

I'm Retired.

It really did feel like a regular work day. Well, minus the Reiki.

We were Appreciated today, which involved flowers (good), balloons (good), smoothies (obviously), lunch ("healthy", but good), and Reiki.


I'm probably just one of the uneducated masses that can't appreciate being not touched in a therapeutic way, but lying in candlelight holding rocks with a Kleenex over my eyes while the only other person in the room is presumably reading comic books in the corner was a little over my head.

The rest of the day, when I was not being not touched, was spent talking to clients, funding mortgages, and filing. So: normal.

I left around my usual time. Normal.

Mr unexpectedly had to take the van to work today, leaving me to drive his behemoth of a work truck. His penance was picking up the kids from daycare. Not normal.

We had planned to feed the kids supper (which we did, don't worry), and then have a date night tonight with some nice ribeye steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans. Once we got the kids to bed, however, we both decided to hold off on the date until tomorrow night. Too tired for steak. Not normal.

Tomorrow, we're grocery shopping, cleaning, and doing general weekend things. Normal.

Sunday, Super Bowl Day, will be spent doing more cleaning, laundry, and general weekend things until Super Bowl time, at which point it will be spent watching football. But not in a group, because this year I want to sit for the whole game. Just sit. Luxurious. Kind of normal.

Monday will be spent...

Uh, reading? Sorting through the boxes of stuff from when Miss was a newborn? Setting up the new(ish) bassinet? Taking pictures of all the shamefully disorganized places in my house that I want to have revolutionized before Bean makes her appearance?

Who knows what Monday will hold?

I know what it won't hold, though. It won't hold work.

Good enough for me.