February 7, 2012

How To Get Your Must Do List Done: Part One

My first day as a retiree only started to feel different from a regular Monday after I dropped the kids off at daycare and came back home to tackle my seventy-six item Must Do list.

Like the disciplined woman I am, I sat right down at the computer and took my turn at Scrabble with Leslie. Then I entered some Gifts to Grow points from an old package of wipes, checked Pinterest to verify that yes, indeed, Leslie and Jane have already filled the board with organization, books, and food. (I knew I could count on you two.)

Then I actually did some bookkeeping work, starting with the easiest stuff (reconciling the income tax and HST accounts), interspersed with internet searches for "home office organization" and ended my morning with lunch and a nap.

My afternoon got filled up with a little (read: very) more bookkeeping, filing, accepting kind offers to guest post  after Bean is born (just you wait and see who's lining up) and driving - to the work I so recently retired from - because I left my wallet there on Friday and need it for today's eyeball appointment, as well as for, you know, daily living and such.

File that one under "chump".

I did actually manage to make part of our supper tonight, albeit the side dish (from here, thanks Pinterest), and we chowed down (again) on these plus ribeye steak and green beans. What can I say? My awesome midwife says I need more iron.

And if this post hasn't demonstrated anything else, I hope it's demonstrated what a disciplined grown up I truly am.