February 10, 2012

Food Waste Friday: My Goat Has Been Got

FoodWasteFriday And there you have it. Something else crossed off my Must Do Before The Baby Comes list. Although - now that I'm thinking about it - it was only on my mental list, along with something awesome that Leslie and I cooked up when we saw each other a few weeks back.

My fridge...well, my fridge - my nemesis for so long - has been mostly ignored since I went back to work full time, and now that I'm on maternity leave again, can only be described visually. Like so:

There. Now you've had the full experience. 

You're welcome.

Back to my goat: You know what's in this pile?

Root Beer Pulled Pork, among other things (like a whole package of chicken breasts. Who does that? I attribute it all to being pregnant, working full time, and sheer laziness, two of those things are over or soon to be over, so no more excuses.

I finally know what's in my fridge again, and it ain't stink lines.

Now I can stop holding my breath when I make supper. Excellent. The baby will like that.