February 22, 2012

Doing Nice Things For Other People: Baby Steps

Not baby steps like "I had my baby". No such luck. I think. I am writing this on Tuesday night, with every every hope of having Little Miss Bean tomorrow -  with no good reason other than wishful thinking.

Instead, I came to brag. Because I actually did some of the things I've been meaning to do for people, and I want to share.

I can't share too much about my first Nice Thing, though, because I only put it in the mail today, and I want it to be a surprise. It's for Leslie, and at the beginning (before I had to start it all over again from scratch because crafty I am not), it looked like this:

I know she's got it figured out already, but I'm still not going to post the after pictures until I know she's got it in her hot little hands. Can I just say that I. Cannot. Wait?

I also managed to get a thank you package out into the mail for my dear friend Lindsay, who hosted our enormous family on our trip to Michigan in January, and fed us for four days with no kitchen. If I were ever to use the word "amazeballs", it would be about that trip.

And of course, any Nice Things list isn't complete without baking cookies for someone - in this case, a few someones, namely the ladies at the bank who I have gleefully deserted. (Also: gleefully desserted. Snort.)

Because New Girl and Shelley are so awesome - and not at all because I wanted to eat some too - I made Boter Koek (obviously) and The Best Oatmeal Cookies In The World. I didn't make enough, though, because after I gave some to our AM Sarah (that would be Awesome Midwife, for those not in the know), there was nothing left.

Oh, right. Nice things for other people. Gotcha.

I hope I'm with our AM and in labour while you're reading this. I really, really (really) do.


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