January 17, 2012

While I Was Away: Email From The New Girl

Can I just say how much I love this girl, and will be truly sorry to not work with her anymore? Seriously. Except how can you tell someone how cool they are when the only way you've ever communicated is through sarcasm?

Must think.

While I'm thinking (imagine Winnie the Pooh tapping his head and looking confused, except enormously pregnant and more confused.)

* * *

Dearest Sandi,

Since you were absent for the last few days in had to keep an abundance of love to my self.

Now it’s being unleashed.

First show of love:

A poem for Sandi

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I like flowers
And Sandi is preggers

Small token of love:

Knock knock
Whos there
Sandi who
Sandi’s as big as a house

A song for Sandi:

(Hum along to jingle bells)

Sandi’s big Sandi’s big
Sandi’s as big as a house
She can barely walk and barely sit
But boy can she digest

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