January 20, 2012

Welcome Home. Bleaaargh!

So I had a story I was going to tell you about when we came home from Michigan, and it went a little something like this:

We got home from Michigan at about five-thirty, and while we were away my Mom had done some tidying up for us (AWESOME). Our kitchen was clean and our floors were vacuumed.

I noticed - with surprise - that the tiny little postage stamp rugs that are THE ONLY CARPET WE HAVE IN THE HOUSE were still clean. As in, not puked on by cats.

"A miracle", I said to myself, and sat down to some very necessary online bragging about how awesome Lindsay had made The Mrs look.

And then Lewis - this one:

- decided to welcome me home. By barfing on the carpet (NOT AWESOME.)

The End.

Today, after having a Kijiji ad up that read "two cats, new baby on the way" since Jr was the new baby on the way, we offloaded the barfer.

Now we just need to con some poor sucker into taking the crazy one.

Don't be fooled. She's trying to decide what seasoning would go best with the flavour of your brain.

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