January 24, 2012

Project Grocery: Then, Then, Now, and News

Then One: Sunday morning. Mr volunteers to go grocery shopping himself, because he can see how much I don't want to go.

He actually volunteers a lot, but I always say no. Probably because I have control issues.

Definitely because I have control issues.

Bless the man. He came up with half of the grocery list and - despite having to buy disposable wipes for daycare - brought home everything we needed for $117.60.

Next time he offers and I say no, please mail me a box full of dead rodents. Any kind will do.

Then Two: Last night. I planned on writing up my Monday Project Grocery post like a good little girl, and instead we put the kids to bed and ate chicken wings while watching the Giants game. (Oh yeah, I came in sixth in Fantasy Football, and am at the stage where I don't want to play again next year. I'll get over it by pre-season.)

Then I went to bed, thinking that I'd just post Monday night after work.

Now: I got home from work at 7:30. I forgot that I promised a client I'd meet with them after regular hours because it's pretty tough for them to get in before five. I am a pushover.

When I got to work this morning and realized I'd be staying late, I thought I'd get Mr to upload the picture for me so I could post on my lunch break. I ate on my lunch break instead.

News: Lannis and I had a fabulous time together on Saturday, and spent the time we weren't eating, complaining, or driving the other customers of Montana's away by planning some mischief that we'll share with you sometime soon. Once the mischief in question has been perfected.

More News: New Girl knows about us. She's cool, and I now have enough New Girl stuff to post - including a novella with actual chapters - every week until Bean is seven. I might open up my Sundays and let her have at it.

She didn't find out in some cool, what a funny story kind of way, although I'm sure she could make something up. I told her. It was exactly like having a crush on some guy in grade school and telling him. Except being happy that he made fun of me afterwards, because that's what normal is for me and New Girl.

The end.

This time last year: Must. Accomplish.