January 30, 2012

Project Grocery: One Of These Things Just Doesn't Belong

This week, since I don't want anyone to send me a box of dead rodents, Mr went grocery shopping on his own again, while I took the kiddies to get their hair cut.

He spent $80.08 (although the total groceries for this week came to $99.09 what with some extra trips we had to make), and we're eating corn and cod chowder, chicken quesadillas, mini hamburgers, a chicken breast meal that Mr is going to make up on the fly, and on Friday - a totally inconsequential and meaningless day, with nothing much to celebrate - we're going to put the kids to bed and have some kind of red meat (that is already in the freezer) prepared in some fancy way.

It will be awesome.

Now see if you can spot the teeny-tiny $19.99 difference between the first picture and the second picture...

Still buying diapers. Not many, but some. I think I explained about the bag of poop in this post, but expect to be back in cloth diaper land pretty shortly...like four days from now.

Oh boy.