January 9, 2012

Project Grocery: Another Year, Another Caramel Icing Fail

But first, the groceries:

To kick of 2012 in groceries with style, we spent  $134.98. YAY! <--Sarcasm. Heavily disguised.

This included two enormous bags of flour from Bulk Barn (using my favourite coupon, of course), 342 teeny-tiny tubs of yogurt (a slight exaggeration. Also, maybe yoghurt?) , and the whole shoulder of a pig for - sit down - $21 dollars. That's one enormous picnic roast (like, leftovers for a week kind of enormous) and two big meals of Root Beer Pulled Pork.

Worth. It.

This week was also Mr's birthday (I know. Again. Greedy man.), and following along in the tradition of making him a completely revolting meal, I once again made pork and sauerkraut and a chocolate cake with caramel icing.

Fortunately, this was only revolting to me, as everyone else at the table seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, including Jr, who asked for - and got - three helpings of "meat and sauce". Bless him.

The cake this year wasn't as much of an abject failure as it was last year, thanks to my friend of high school days Sarah and her very helpful icing tip, and at first glance even looks a little appetizing and beautiful...or would if I had yet figured out our fancy new(ish) camera:

Of course, being me, the way I poured the caramel icing resulted in the Grand Canyon of Cake, which Miss cleverly disguised (accentuated) with her creative candle placement. 

I'm told that - for those who are into tooth-achingly sweet things - the cake tasted as good as it didn't look.

Maybe next year I'll achieve the ultimate in housewifely accomplishments: a birthday cake for my husband that looks edible from all angles.

This time last year: Mrs Cake