January 27, 2012

Nothing Much

You may have been able to surmise from the high quality of my posts this week that I've come full pregnancy circle and have landed right back at "finds the lure of the couch irresistible".

Or you might just think I'm lazy. As many people way cooler than me would say: "Whatevs."

I have five days of work left, not including today, which - given the brief glance I had time to spare for my calendar yesterday before I left - should count for three on it's own.

I know who my replacement is going to be, and I LOVE her. It's not New Girl, it's my old boss from the branch I worked in before this one, and she's fantastic. I don't have the same stress to finish some things that are, frankly, unfinishable, because I know she's as capable of taking over the complex files as I am. (Or would be. See above.)

I'm looking forward to two weeks or so of uninterrupted and luxurious bookkeeping and tax preparation (if that reads as sarcastic, I'm not using the right font and you haven't been around here long enough), with periods of baby prep, eyeball appointments (just follow up, it's as fine as it's going to be), house cleaning, and maybe - just maybe - an afternoon of book reading to liven things up. Maybe two, if I'm feeling self-indulgent.

I haven't spent much time thinking about having a newborn again, but every once in a while it dawns on me that I'm going to have one around soon, and I get all mushy and excited (That little bum! Those chewy cheeks! That confused monkey expression! That cry like a trapped kitten!)

There's not much in the way of baby clothes to shop for, although I've never had a winter baby so am probably woefully under-prepared. We have another trip planned to Once Upon A Child during the interpregnum (<--My own. No, you may not use it, unless you pay me six million dollars. Per letter.) and that should take care of any little things I decide we need after wading through the three boxes of baby clothes from when Miss was born.

(Oh, first babies. Remember them? Remember all the stuff you thought you Had To Have, and having enough clothes for the baby to either change her seven times a day or go for three weeks without doing laundry...and not thinking there was anything strange about it?)

All of these words to say: I haven't been thinking about much, and what I do think about is random, disjointed, and mostly irrelevant.

So nothing new then.

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