January 16, 2012

How The Mrs Got De-Uglified

If you do the Facebook or have eyeballs, you'll know that the blog is looking a little different these days. One of the many highlights of our more-fun-than-I-expected-and-I-expected-a-lot trip to Michigan.

Other highlights: Jungle Java, a new maternity shirt, working companionably on various online projects with Lindsay after the kids went to bed, Jungle Java, trying Manchego for the first time, crock pot monkey bread, Jungle Java, and trying Manchego with Lindsay's strawberry freezer jam slathered all over it. Also, Jungle Java. (WHY DON'T WE HAVE JUNGLE JAVA?)

Lowlights: feeling depressed about not having a Jungle Java, and losing at Sequence to the boys. Twice.

But back to the blog - unless you want to talk about Jungle Java some more? No? Fine.

I'll let Lindsay explain the de-uglification process over at Inklings Paperie. She does it much better than me. 

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