December 12, 2011

Project Grocery: This Post Has No Subtitle, But It Should Be Something About The Mono

Just realized I paid my Bell bill to the wrong account number. So that'll be fixed six months from now, right?


In other news, still no word on the mono. I'm hoping it turns out to be leprosy, which I could much more easily handle.

In still more news, we managed to stay under budget at the grocery store, despite planning on meals like "lasagna from the box" and "whatever we can make in under a minute". Because of the mono, right?

Oh yeah. And apparently just a tiny little bit of ground beef. I may or may not explain that on Friday. Depends on the mono.

That up there is $86.54 out of the old bank account. Not too shabby.

And while I was taking pictures of that, my son was going through my folding basket, and decided that his sister's underwear was the one accessory that would truly make his outfit.

I agree.