December 29, 2011

Project Grocery: More Meat

Because who can resist a good meat sale? I ask you.

I did not take the time (between eating various cuts of almost raw beefiness) to take a picture of our pre-Christmas grocery shop ($92.99), but made up for it by taking three bad shots of Tuesday's haul ($87.96), only one of which I'm posting.

So clearly I'm not making up for it at all.

Here's the thing, though: that's not two weeks worth of groceries. That's a shopping trip on Thursday and another on Tuesday, with our regular shop coming up this Saturday.

So - in a series of complicated math steps that you'll never hope to follow, unless you know basic addition - I've come up with this number: $180.95. That's the real Project Grocery number for this week, much as I may have tried to cleverly disguise my excesses by splitting them between two days.

That means that all the times I've been under budget this month have been washed away by Christmas.

Thanks a lot, Christmas [shakes fist]. I'll get you back for this.

Fortunately for me and my wallet, my mom made enough turkey soup yesterday to feed us all twice, plus lunches. So I'm hoping that on Saturday - our last grocery trip for 2011 - I can keep our spending down to around $25.96, which will keep us in the bounds of our Plan Bean budget for December.

But probably not within the bounds of reality.