December 6, 2011

Project Grocery: In Which I Make Up For Last Week, In More Ways Than One

Right, so last week - in case you don't have room in your memory for all the trivial details of my life - I shopped for groceries hours after returning home from Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania at four in the morning. I must have looked high.

Needless to say (but apparently I'm saying it anyway), I did not capture my groceries on film, although I did manage to come in deliriously under budget at $105.71.

I made up for it this week. Crappit!

Positive: Took a picture.

Negative: Spent $138.05. On cat food, kitty litter, and disposable wipes for daycare, mostly. The rest of it was for real menu items, like nachos, breakfast for dinner, hamburgers, and pork tenderloin sandwiches.

Oh, and butter, which - clearly - is included in the "real menu items" category, and not in the "things I buy but grumble about" one.

Positive: all in all, it evens out.

Negative: I got a phone call today from a 414 area code - completely unknown to me, is it Mars? - from someone with one of those disguised mechanical voice things on asking me what was for dinner and if there were meat and onions, and - I think - stomach fat involved.

This could also be viewed as a positive, if you like weird stories to tell, which I clearly do not.

(Oh my lord, don't you know me at all?!)

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