December 13, 2011

Me, My Mom, And Betty Crocker

Leslie's cookie post made me think about my Betty Crocker cookbook - the same eye-searingly orange edition that we all have (apparently).

So did the bank. See, I had foolishly volunteered to be part of a Friday bake sale we were holding, not fully realizing that this would entail baking. By me. On a weeknight.

When the time came to think about the baking (ie. Thursday night), I realized that I had not thought about it, and so resorted to the old stand-by that even my mother-in-law has complimented (score!): Betty's gingerbread cookies, or gingermen, as I've learned is the correct pronounciation.

[begin tangent]

When Mr and I got married, I asked my mom for a whole bunch of family recipes, and the one she gave me for gingerbread cookies goes like this: "Open your Betty Crocker cookbook to page 124 (<---not the actual page number; am too lazy to go look for it. And that's me speaking, not my mother.) and follow the instructions".

Except at the time I only had the new, red, modern version that is boring. Which is why this edition, when she gave it to me at one of my numerous wedding showeres, is so precious.


I must admit that I've not cooked much else from this cookbook, partly because of the spectacularly bad food photography, which is still better than mine and even less appetizing, if you can believe it.

I feel the need to illustrate this point:

 Okay, granted, it's fruitcake. But still.

I'm not sure how an enormous hunk of prime rib can look so wrong...

Oh. My. Lord. If I ever have a Christmas party, anyone who can (and will) make one of these can take home anything of mine that they want. No questions asked.

It's called "Petals 'n Pickles". That is all.
[end tangent]

The gingermen, however, are appetizing. Mostly because I've eaten them before, which I can proudly NOT say of "Petals 'n Pickles", so I know they're good.

Hey, is that a (poorly executed) picture of food? On THIS blog? You've got to be kidding me...

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