December 31, 2011

Lannis: Procrastination Station

Okay, so. Things got lost in the shuffle this week--clearly. I was supposed to send this post to Sandi earlier in the week, and I’d thought I’d sent it... and well... erm... I didn’t.


So. Basically, we weren’t expecting there to be much in the way of online traffic here over the holidays, but if someone happened to find themselves wandering over due to extra time on their hands, here’re some silly places I go sometimes when I’m avoiding chores, being lazy, ignoring life... geez, this sentence clearly doesn’t want to finish itself...

Anyhow. Here’s a whack of linky dinks to keep you busy iffin’ you’re bored. I promise they’re mostly appropriate content. And hopefully you’ll get a chuckle from them, too.

Blogs and sites: — If you’re a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan, this site features a variety of speculative fiction in its many forms, be it movies, books, TV, comics, whatever. A place for enthusiastic geeks to get together, think critically or squee all over, and enjoy the company of like minds. Myself, I go there for everything Wheel of Time, especially the Wheel of Time Reread by Leigh Butler. Check out the other read/reread/rewatch forums there - GRRM’s A Song of Ice and Fire Read; Malazan Reread; the Star Trek rewatches; and plenty more. Also, free fiction!

(It’s one of my favourite-est online places, not just by content, but due to the wonderful people I’ve met via its forums — some of whom have translated into real life friends.)

The Bloggess — Jenny Lawson cracks me up. She’s also questionably appropriate, but hilarious nonetheless (and Sandi’s linked to her before, so I wash my hands of culpability on this one. Ha!).

Post Secret — I’m addicted to Frank Warren’s community art project, where people anonymously send in homemade postcards proclaiming their secrets. So human.

Lovely Listing — Oddball finds in Real Estate. And they mean it.

ThxThxThx — Leah Dieterich's mother always told her to write thank you notes. So she does. To everything. ThxThxThx is her daily exercise in gratitude.

Dear Photograph — Take a photograph of a photograph and take a moment to remember.

Epbot — Geekery, girliness, and goofing off. Jen is fun, especially if you like Steampunk, craftiness, and Disney.


I Like Your Jacket — Receive a compliment, leave a compliment. It’s so simple!

Draw a Stickman — Just play along. It. Is. Awesome.

Google Pacman — Use your arrow keys to play the classic!

To watch:

Guy On A Buffalo — Exactly as it sounds. But way more cool — and more 1970s — than it sounds.

Nick Piteria, and his “One Man Disney Movie” Medley Video. If you’re a Disney fan, or have little Disney fans, they might want to see what this guy can do with his voice.

Mike Tompkin’s A Cappella Cover of Adele’s song Rolling In The Deep. Another talented young man.

More music: if you like Taio Cruz’s song Dynamite, McGill Dances for Cancer Research to that song, and every play donates money to their cause. Adorable, and well executed.

The best for last! Sandi might delete this link — profanities ahoy! — but Hannah Hart and her My Drunk Kitchen series makes me smile, so I’m sharing. Episode 6: Brunch is pretty clean, but my all-time favourite is Episode 4 - Not Easy, Bake Oven. Plenty of profanities. And I giggle like a fool. Every. Time.

And I can’t forget this! Hannah, when visiting Canada (yay!), made poutine. It’s also clean. Aside from drunkenness, of course.

Aaand that is all I’ve got. For now. (Or at least while Sandi wants things respectable. Heh.) Happy holidays! Take care, stay safe, and only good things in 2012!

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