December 10, 2011

Lannis: Like Magic

This week my baby turned six. SIX!

Yeah. This guy.

Though he doesn’t look quite like that, anymore. A little bigger. Ridiculously thick, shaggy, sandy-blond hair (thanks to Mr Lannis’ genes), and dark lashes (thanks to mine).

I used to think he was pretty opinionated back when he was tiny -- what with his middle-of-the-night feedings, lack of toileting skills, and general misreading of social situations (it’s probably never kosher to play in the Holy water at church, but thanks for trying...).

As it turns out he was pretty easygoing. See how he’s in yellow? Yeah, it probably wouldn’t fly now.

Nope. This year marks the first year he’s requested specifics for his birthday party.

No easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy-cookie-cutter-McDonalds-party for me. No sir-ee.

He wanted his party at home. And he wanted it a certain way.

He wanted a theme.

A Lego theme.

Yep. So I did what any good momma with oodles of time on her hands (or excellent productive procrastination skills) would do -- my absolute best to give my birthday boy what he wanted!

We invited his friends. He had opinions on the guest list, too, what with being a Big Kid in grade one and all, I couldn’t blame him.

He wanted a piñata pin-na-na (<-- his word)... Done!

 He wanted certain kids...

Done! He wanted a Lego “game” for party guests to play. An unspecified game, so I went with a homemade “pin the head on the Lego man -- instant classic, if I do say so myself...

Done! (Yes, that’s Mr Lannis’ toque he uses for hunting Bambi. Don’t panic -- it reverses to blaze orange. Hasn’t been shot in the head once yet!) And, the pièce de résistance, my now-six-year-old wanted a Lego cake!

Please excuse the ugly photography. Those’re fondant Lego bricks you can see peeking around the edges. They marginally resemble Legos, too, I swear.

Lucky for me, for this six year old, I can still deliver on most -- if not all -- promises.

As parents, it’s easy to dwell on the days to come where that won’t exactly be possible. They’re on the horizon, those days when our actions will be met with scrutiny and skepticism, instead of faithful delight.

But for right now, I have one kid who’s six years from being my baby, and another six years from being almost a teen...

And I’m still magical.

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