December 14, 2011

Good Night God

So Miss and I have started reading what she calls The God Book before bed. Jr is about up to toddling around babbling indecipherable things about cookies and teeth at this stage of his little life, but Miss has been listening very intently.

I love The God Book (which in reality is The Jesus Storybook Bible) - and not just because I received it as a gift and it was therefore free.

No, the reason I love this book is that, instead of just retelling stories from the Bible as stories, the authors continuously return to the underlying narrative of the whole story - the one that starts with Jesus at The Beginning and ends with Jesus at The End.

Miss likes to flip through the book when we've read whatever chapter we're on, and has recently become very anxious to get to the part about the big stinky fish, which apparently has very compelling illustrations.

I'm very anxious to get to the "He's Here!" chapter - which I've only just realized will happen all by itself on Christmas Eve, just by going along at our current pace.

Tonight, our reading culminated in this, as she was walking upstairs to go to bed:

"Good night, book. Good night, big stinky fish. Good night God."

Oh, lordy.

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