December 16, 2011

Food Waste Friday: You're Welcome

So in this week's Project Grocery post, you saw how much ground beef we bought - and you are excused from remembering that I purchased a similar amount of ground beef not two weeks earlier, since due to laziness I never showed you the picture.

The early ground beef? Turned grey. In the package. Within a few days of buying it. We did not eat it.

I blame myself, because I really did mean to divvy it up into the smaller portions that we'd use for tacos, shepherd's pie, and all other things ground beefy, but didn't. Due to laziness.

I don't have a picture for you. Could still be the laziness talking. But if my laziness could talk, I imagine it would say a little something like this:

"You're welcome. You're welcome a lot."

Because my laziness did you such a favour, I thought I'd show you a little boy chewing on a monkey's face instead.

(Food Waste Friday is graciously hosted by Kristen at The Frugal Girl)

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