December 1, 2011

Wives of Men With Colds

I've become THAT woman. You know, the one that people remember for the coupons.

Yeah. Her.

And it's not like I use coupons all that much. Barely ever, in fact. But I did happen to use a fair number of them the last time Shopper's Drug Mart had one of their point redemption thingummies. Enough to be remembered, anyhow.

How do I know? Mr had a cold.

I'm convinced that there's a special providence dedicated solely to Men With Colds. I'm also convinced that there's a super-secret club, with badges and special handshakes, because MWC seem to be suspiciously organized.

So this cold, this day, sent him to Shopper's Drug Mart for some cold medication, and while he was there - don't you know it - there's a sale on diapers. And by sale, I don't mean sale. I mean Sale. (Or possibly SALE, SALE, or even SALE!)

Five dollars a package - Five. Dollars.


I'm still having a tough time wrapping my head around it.

And as my dear Man With a Cold who has braved the elements for medication and has been rewarded by those folks who look after MWC by striking it rich in cheap diapers gets up to the cashier, doesn't she remember him? Doesn't she say "Aren't you the guy who was in here a while ago (September), and your wife's expecting, and you have two other kids, and she used a lot of coupons on point redemption day?" (or something to that effect.)

And doesn't he - hacking and sniffling - confirm this?

AND (last one, I promise) doesn't she say "Oh, and it looks like you don't have her Optimum card on you for the points. That's okay, tell her to drop in tonight after work and I'll credit them to her card."

Looks like there's a special providence for Wives of Men With Colds, too.

(We need it more. I'm right, am I right or am I right?)

**UPDATE: It was the flu, apparently. But he suffered through the worst of it at his parents' house over Thanksgiving, with all his various relatives (Hi Becca!) clucking over him, so he survived. I, meanwhile, have many, many diapers. We're both happy.