November 3, 2011

This Title Has Nothing To Do With My Post

Now that we've got the totally awesome pregnant fairy costume that took me a really long time to put together and was worn with complete enthusiasm out of the way, let's go back to Plan Bean for a minute.

Remember this?

Groceries: $571.08 (+$51.08)
Gas: $433.26 (+$259.33)
Date Night: $0.00 (shut up)
Other: $586.93 (+$261.93)

TOTAL: +$572.34

To that I say "Ha-HAH!", because those numbers are LIARS! An old hag with a terrible mole problem should have emerged from the crowd and started haranguing them, was how much they were lying.

You'd think that - for a banker - I'd have a little more confidence in my calculator skills. (Stop that laughing out there.) But I added up those numbers again and again, each time mystified by the overage, mostly because I thought I would have had a lot more fun (or food) if we had actually spent that much.

And then - in passing - Mr mentioned that he had been putting gas for his business on our personal gas card (Exclamation Point. In Bold.), which means that we were only over $59.08 over our gas budget.

Okay, that means that we were still $372.34 over budget in October, but that's an improvement, and I'm celebrating.

Probably with food.

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