November 30, 2011

Swagbucks. Yes, Again. With Boots On.

Look, I just need to show you something. I know you're skeptical about Swagbucks, and I know how much you don't want to sign up for something that will end up being a hassle.

But here's the thing: these boots, that Mr needed so desperately this year (uh, last year, more like)? I paid for part of them (the coolest part, obviously) with $25 in gift cards that I earned by using the Swagbucks search engine.

I don't have time to do the quizzes, and watch the movies, and perform the tasks, and, and, and...all I do is search. And every once in a while - like about five minutes ago, when I was searching for the picture of the boots - I win some SBs. And I collect them. And I redeem them.

Since I joined in February of last year, I've earned 4,628 Swagbucks. That's $50 worth of Amazon gift cards. There's all sorts of other kinds of gift cards, too, even Paypal credits. I just happen to like Amazon (when it's free. Or deeply discounted. Remember the cheapskatery?)

So do yourself a favour and sign up for Swagbucks (through my referral, obviously, because you want them to match what you earn for the first 1000 SBs, right? Because of the awesome cartoons? Or my stellar Halloween costumes? Possibly because of the Root Beer Pulled Pork?).

You're welcome.