November 1, 2011

Plan Bean: October Update


Wanna see a pregnant fairy?

Hm. We'll see. I'm not entirely convinced you've been good enough. (Or possibly I don't actually have a picture, but might try to convince Mr to recreate it for me tonight. Did that sound strange to anyone else? Thought so.)

Meanwhile, the October spendy-spendy report: I can see from your faces that you already know what's coming, and I'd like to preface my remarks by saying that most of these things are budgeted for weekly, but reported monthly, which we all know is SO INACCURATE!

Um. Pardon the outburst. On to the numbers (sit down). As a reminder, our budget, otherwise known as

Groceries $520
Gas $173.33
Date $40
Other $325

Now for the sad truth, otherwise known as

Groceries: $571.08 (+$51.08)
Gas: $433.26 (+$259.33)
Date Night: $0.00 (shut up)
Other: $586.93 (+$261.93)

TOTAL: +$572.34

Seriously. No, really. SERIOUSLY. I already explained away the groceries, but the gas? What's up with all that gas, other than an eyeball appointment two hours away, a fairly long trip to our extended family Thanksgiving, and a visit to my brother's two hours in the other direction?

Oh. That's what's up with all that gas. And let's see, in November I'm driving two hours away to meet up with my dear friend Lindsay, who I haven't seen in far too long, and - of course - we're headed to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving: The Sequel, so I don't see that gas category going down too much, unless I can call in poor to work a few weeks in a row.

And let's not even talk about other, okay? Except for this: remember last update, when I talked about my problem with packing my lunch? Having to report back here gave me the motivation to stop going out for lunch, already!, so lunch is not to blame.

I don't really know what was. I know we spent $40 on snowsuits, fall jackets, hats and boots for the kidlets, but that's not it. That was actually some good spending.

We ate out a lot more than we should have (surprise!), but again, not THAT much. Hmph.

The short answer is that we spent more than we should have, on small things that added up, as numbers are wont to do(the little buggers). We clearly didn't stick to the cash allowance budget that was supposed to fix this problem from last month, so stay tuned for my plans to electrify my debit card.

It will be awesome, I promise.

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