November 8, 2011

Lights, Camera...Lights

How do we celebrate children in the Mrs household?

We buy lighting, obviously. I mean, that one was such an easy answer I'm thinking of going back on the offer of a reward.

And by "buy lighting", I mean, go to Home Depot immediately after finding out the flavour of the new baby from the ultrasound technician, and pick out the perfect chandelier for their room.

And then wait for it to go on sale.

For Miss:

For Jr:

And, although still in the box because her room isn't ready for it yet, for Bean:

Half price, people. And we only had to wait a measley few weeks. Can't you just feel the pride radiating off of this Daddy?

I think we'll take off all the dangly bits (the lamp, my friends, the lamp) and keep them for if she ever has a Super Girly phase and wants to reattach them.

Or maybe not.