November 24, 2011

Historic Moments

Last week, I got a package in the mail. You know how I feel about this (hint: good).

This package was special (because none of the other ones are ‹/sarcasm›), because it marked an historic moment in my package-receiving life. Although Maggie Stiefvater's apology for breaking my eyeball was pretty awesome, it cannot compare to the first time I ever won something in a blog giveaway.


So when Jane at Adventures In Dinner told me I won, I couldn't quite believe it. AND THEN, when I received this lovely recipe book in the mail and there was a teeny-tiny gift included for Baby Bean...well (fans herself) I do declare.

And how - you might be asking - do I justify using the plural in the title of this post?

Because my friendship with Jane marks the first of many (here's hoping) real friendships made online because of blogging.

I get to be a narcissist, a goofball, a certifiable crazy person, AND I get to make friends?

Blogging. Is. Awesome.

(Thanks Jane. You're the Jane-est.)