November 11, 2011

Food Waste Friday: Yes, Indeed

Back in the land of the living and organized, and it only took my husband going away for four days to get me to this point.

Strange, but true.

My fridge isn't full, and it's a good thing. These, however, are not good things:

Why save a mouthful of scrambled eggs? Why not just eat them? I have no excuse (well, I do, but he's out of town).

Below the eggs we have stir-fry that started out meh and got progressively worse each day. Or progressively worse in my mind, anyway, since I couldn't actually bring myself to eat the leftovers.

This concludes our wasted food broadcast. Tune in tomorrow when I'm posting any one of three (3!) posts Leslie wrote for me on Tuesday as she desperately tried to avoid doing other work. I have the luxurious responsibility of choosing between Rainy Day Cookies, The Oxford Comma, or The Secret Weapon.

Too much work. Voting

(Food Waste Friday is graciously hosted by Kristen at The Frugal Girl. Her pictures are better than mine.)