November 10, 2011

Child Prodigies

Like you didn't already know it (or at least suspect): my kids are prodigies. Think Phenom, but lose the tennis (and possibly miss the reference. It was only thirty seconds of pop culture with the bald guy who was the nanny in Jerry Maguire.)

Back to the geniuses I spawned:

At the end of a random day last week, I pulled into our driveway and laid on the horn (like I always do. An adorable habit, I'm sure.) Mr left his dinner prep and came to help me wrestle the kids out of the car, and when he opened the door to get Miss out, she says: "I smell celery".

And he Freaked Out.

"I was TOTALLY cutting up celery just then!" he says.

And then, to confirm: two days later, she walks into the kitchen and says she smells shrimp.

"I was TOTALLY just cooking shrimp just then!" he says.

So now we're looking into Culinary Preschools.

And Jr? He's learned The Divine Language. Er, the language that Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat speaks in The Fifth Element. Yeah. That language.

See? Geniuses. I wonder what Bean will do...

(Probably draw cartoons.)