October 17, 2011

Project Grocery: When Other People Feed You

When other people feed you (and your family, three of whom are hungry any time you ask), you get not only the pleasure of not cooking or cleaning, but also the great pleasure of moving menu items over from one week's menu to the next.

If that counts as pleasure. It certainly floats my boat.

You also start to think that you've got some room to stock up, since paper towels are on 6 rolls for $4.44 (and you have a coupon for another dollar off, which you forget to use). And since Miss still wears the generic version of pull ups at night (probably called "push-downs" or something equally ridiculous. I've never thought to check), and for the first time ever they're on buy one, get one, you happily get those too.

And then you look at what you bought, realizing that - yet again - you've gone over budget, if only by $15.59, and you moan a little. And you wonder wear those push-downs are, and realize ten minutes later that your daughter and son have absconded with them and are in the playroom pretending to have a nap on the floor with very strange pillows.

But you've been grocery shopping for an hour and a half, and you're tired and kind of barf-y, so you stop thinking about it. All of it.

(You is actually me, on the very slim chance that you're actually confused, and I spent $135.59 on groceries for a week in which two of our meals are from last week's menu, and five are from things we already have in the freezer. So in reality, I wish I was you.)