October 24, 2011

Project Grocery: No Cartoon, But I'm Still Laughing

The only thing that makes me happier than last week's carnival of ridiculousness - in particular, the cartoon - is the fact that we came in under budget on our groceries this week.

(Is she ever going to get over that cartoon, like, ever? Sheesh, it's like she drew the Mona Lisa or something. It was mildy funny, at best.)

The short answer? No. No, she isn't.

On to groceries? Sure.

$109.96 for what? Meat Mountain and what looks like thirty-two bottles of ketchup? And from that, we'll be making (and eating, which is really the point) ribs, chicken parmesan sandwiches, sausage ragout (thank you, Jamie Oliver), shepherd's pie, pork chops, and ribeye steak with risotto, to which the kids are not invited. 

I love my freezer, I really do.

Almost as much as the cartoon.