October 31, 2011

Project Grocery: Loosely, Accomplishments

I DID go grocery shopping this weekend, and spent $114.14 on things that will make tacos, chicken stir fry, pork chops, carrot soup, and shrimp pasta with sugar snap peas. Also on cinnamon rolls from a tube, ice cream, and chips. Mmmmmm....saturated fats...

Oh, and ten dollars of that was stupid Halloween candy. How I hate it. I almost had Mr talked into buying those gross Halloween kisses, but because we only ever have about six and a half kids come to our house, he's become dependent on candy leftovers, and I'd hate to see what withdrawal would do to him.

I DIDN'T take a picture, because we decided that instead of going grocery shopping after breakfast, we'd go just before supper. It was a great idea. GREAT, I tell you. We weren't grumpy or tired or anything.

I DID make applesauce, pastry, roasted beets, and two packages of ground beef for the freezer.

I DID clean out the fridge. ::Shudder::

I DIDN'T figure out why my freezer is so full, and maybe if I can use up some of the stuff in there instead of buying new stuff and trying to jam it in.

I DID read a whole (grown-up) book (Bossypants).

I DIDN'T do anything else. Not one single thing.

It was awesome.

(Today, I've been persuaded to go to work as a fairy, which means I'm wearing my normal clothes and a teeny tiny pair of wings that Miss got when she two, and that shed little fluffy pink feathers whenever you look at it. If you're good I'll show you a picture tomorrow. Miss is going to school in a clown costume from when I was three, because she doesn't know the difference, and she's only getting dressed up because everone else in her class will be to. So, loosely, I'm dressing up as her and she's dressing up as me. Fun times.)