October 11, 2011

Project Grocery: Easy Street

We're letting ourselves off the hook this week. There's some leftover French Onion Soup in the freezer, Mr's version of Shrimp Pasta takes about twenty minutes to make, and the carrot soup practically made itself (this version: curry, ginger, and black pepper). Easy meals, for which neither of us have to remember or face thawing things, prepping things, or - let's face it - making things.

Because - news flash - we're tired. (Play that song again, please. I'm not sick of hearing it yet.)

Stephanie, I hate to do this to you, but we spent $113.20 on groceries this week, after my $5 points redemption at Sobeys, and my $6 worth of PC gift cards at YIG.

(Milk, by the way, was $4.69 for 4 litres. 3 bags. 4 litres. Believe me, I wonder at it too.)

No coupons, no special sales (although the shrimp was three dollars cheaper than I've ever seen it before, hence the enormous riches of three whole bags). Just plain old groceries.

So I guess I'm not an extreme couponer after all.

Wow. Two news flashes in one post. However can we handle it?

(And it's just possible there will be another later today. Because it's October 11th. And you know what that means.)