October 22, 2011

Lannis: A Careful Dance

I have this exact same problem. Here endeth the intro.

* * * 

It’s that time of year again. Might not be where you are, yet, but hereabouts? Well, October finally remembered it’s October, and that means Mr Lannis and I are back at it again.

(No, not that. Though this does involve the bed. And keeping warm. ::snort::)

This is the time of year where sleeping gets tricky.

(Geez! You people! Mind out of the gutter!)

The temps are dropping quickly at night, and yep, you guessed it: I’m cold, he’s not.

So I have to be sneaky about implementing the winter bedding switch.

Sneaky, sneaky.

The silky cool feel of percale is not my friend. Okay, maybe when it’s scorching hot outside and you’re not really ‘in bed’ so much as you’re just ‘on’ bed, since it’s too hot to bother covering yourself with, well, covers... then I guess it’s not so bad.

But certainly not when I’m wearing flannel PJs, thick socks, and technically two extra quilts, because one is folded to become two layers, yet he isn’t cold at all and is completely content to subsist on one quilt and a summer sheet -- men and their internal furnaces, grumble grumble.

Did I mention he also wouldn’t mind cracking the window? Oy.

So when the weekend hit (read: cheap laundry time), I made the big switcheroo.

Oh, lovely fuzzy flannel, how I’ve missed you so!

(And part of me is really excited to wash the percale set and store it away in its own pillowcase because Pinterest occasionally blows what little is left of my mind on the simplest of things...)

Anyhow. I know I’m going to hear it from Mr Lannis. But subtlety? Not always my thing.

Because I will continue to do this...

Every. Day.

(That’s our winter duvet in its storage bag. And as you can tell, it is stealthily hidden for my husband to discover. Technically, it’s even on our bed. Hint. Hint.)

Eventually he will get fed up and tell me I can take that duvet out of the bag and use it. Whee! (Read: I win!)

Or, I could bypass the juvenile games meant to wear down the psyche’s resistance silliness and just put it on the bed already...

Maybe I’ll just do it tonight. Sure. Why not? I’ll just tell him it migrated.

He’ll believe me.


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