October 4, 2011

The Gift That (Almost) Made Itself

Inspired by Kristen at The Frugal Girl (as I very often am), and her new(ish) e-book Reuse, Refresh, Repurpose, as well as the fact that twice in the past two weeks I was kind of surprised by birthdays - which, let's face it - are sneaky buggers, I tried my lazy hand at sewing up some T-Shirt Bags.

Attempt One:

An old, grey, too short t-shirt with no hope. Sort of like yesterday's weather hereabouts, except for the too short part.

I made this on Monday night while watching football (of course - until yesterday I was 3-0-0, but this week's loss has put me down to fourth place...I know you were anxiously waiting to hear an update from the world of Fantasy Football for Girls.)

The flower? I had visions of this dancing through my head, and instead it came out like this:

So there's some sort of fundamental disconnect between my eyes and my brain.

This can't be a news flash.

Attempt two:

An old, too short, white t-shirt, also with no hope. And pit stains.

Mmmmm. Yummy.

This time, instead of just sewing across the bottom like I did for Old Grey, I clipped out the side seams and folded the bottom over itself to create a square bottomed bag.

I also managed to break my needle. Could have been the three seams on top of each other that did it, I don't know...

And the flowers?

I had visions of this, and tried REALLY HARD to follow the directions this time, using off cuts of my curtains from university. (From. University.)

MANY years ago.

 I faithfully pinned and cut and pinned some more...

And ended up with this fine thing, which looks nothing like its inspiration, which I shall cleverly ignore and say I was making wonky marigolds instead.

I may or may not have finished it in the van, on the way to the birthday party.

Because I'm cool like that.