October 28, 2011

Food Waste Friday: Bags 'O Help

Hmmm...it's Thursday afternoon. What should I do with myself? Trade completely serious and meaningful emails with Mr or worry about food waste?

Well, given that I've spent most of the past two weeks writing absolute ridiculousness, and that I've freely confessed how low on the priority list my evil fridge has been, the answer must be obvious.

I'm obviously going to worry about food waste.

The reason is this: for the first time in a long time, I rescued something from the horrid depths of my fridge (which looks like this:

You're welcome.)

I may have a lot of things in there that are past rescue, but see the grisly apple crouched maliciously in the back of this pile?

I rescued him, and half of his friends. Or family. I didn't ask. Instead, I cut them up, stewed them, mushed them through a strainer, and fed them to my kids.

Yum, yum. Rescue tastes delicious. It also freezes well.

My other rescue I cannot take credit for. Credit, instead, must go to Clearly Fresh Bags, who contacted me in September to review their product - aptly named Clearly Fresh Bags - that are meant to keep fresh food in the fridge fresher for longer. (That might be the best sentence I've ever written. Ever.)

And - guess what? - they did. To illustrate, I'd like to introduce you to my cauliflower:

This cauliflower was in my (evil) fridge for two and a half weeks. You'll notice it did not develop those little black spots all over the top that cauliflowers so often do when in my custody. That makes me happy. It also makes Cauliflower Protective Services happy, which in turn makes me happier still. I'd hate to see my brassicas taken into protective custody.

Clearly Fresh Bags also kept a bunch of radishes fresh enough to pack in my lunch for three weeks, which not only kept me from throwing them away, but also gave me something to snack on, although I really wanted chips. Excellent. (Not excellent. I'd rather have chips.)

All that to say: Clearly Fresh Bags sent me some of their product in exchange for giving you my opinion, and they are good. I plan more extensive testing with cucumbers soon. You're going to love the one that doesn't go in the bag.