September 7, 2011

Five Reasons I Love Our Midwife

Reason One: Food
Our first appointment for Baby Bean was at Mr's favourite pub. I had the lentil burger with sprouts and goat cheese. So did she. Enough said. Except that it's not - she makes the best toast I have ever eaten in my life, and it's one of the many things I'm looking forward to after Bean makes his or her entrance.

Reason Two: Home Sweet Home
She would wash my sheets...if we chose a home birth, that is. We haven't, but the sheet cleaning is mighty tempting. As it is, one of the prenatal and a few of the post natal visits are here at my house.

At. My. House.

Reason Three (as if I need another): Unremarkability
We don't do drama. Somehow, we've been blessed with two and a half very boring, unremarkable pregnancies and births. Part of it is genetics, part of it is just a blessing, and part of it is the smiling calmness that is Sarah.

Reason Four: Zombies
Four in the morning, first labour with Miss (it hadn't really started yet), and the three of us watched Shaun of the Dead. How can you beat that?

Reason Five: Herself
If you know her, you love her. That is all.

We may have planned to make something fabulous for her multiple times, and never did. I may have had a Christmas basket ready for her last year, and never got it to her.

Gratitude FAIL.