September 27, 2011

Project Grocery: Catching My Tail

If I were a cat, that is. Which I'm not. (If I was, this post would read: "RAWR! I HATE YOU! FEED ME! I EAT YOUR KIDS FOR SUPPER YOU NO FEED ME!)

On a completely non-cat (or crazy) related note, I have one or two (three) grocery posts to catch up on, which I partially blame on The Enormous Visit, and partially on pure laziness for the last two Monday mornings. So sue me.

Week Thirty-Seven: $219.48

How tacky is it to tell your guests how much you spent on groceries when they were at your house? I'll tell you: Very. Because I know Amy reads this here blog (Hi, Amy), and writing the figure is tantamount to calling her up on the phone and telling her we spent double our grocery budget while she and her family were at our house.

But they drove up here all the way from Pennsylvania, when they could have stayed home. And our household swelled from four to eleven, but our grocery budget only doubled, despite seven trips to the grocery store. That's pretty awesome.I can't say the food was awesome (although the Root Beer Pulled Pork was, but that's no surprise), but the company was, as was the fact that she and I mostly took care of the kids while the menfolk did the cooking, cleaning, and beer-drinking.

Bless their dear hearts.

So sorry for the tackiness, Amy. All seven of my other readers were dying - dying! -  to find out.

Week Thirty-Eight: $80.13

Despite purchasing the 106 boxes of cereal pictured here, we came in under budget. Which, given the last few weeks, is a good thing. AND, even better, we didn't have any food emergencies.


Week Thirty-Nine: $128.65

What the haul?! I think we need some close ups, don't you?

How did all this cost us only $128.65, you ask? And since we're asking nosy questions, why did we buy a box of disposable diapers?

The answers? Bum rash (not rot) and Shopper's Optimum Points. But not in that order.

We redeemed 50,000 of our precious points $11.00 in precious coupons (and an hour of our precious time) for $103.41 worth of stuff, paying only the $10.92 in taxes.

We also apparently bought a year's supply of carrots, beets, rice, and potatoes, didn't we? But for $2 a bag - that's TWO DOLLARS A BAG - for the vegetables, and $12 for the rice, how could we resist?

Ask me in a month when I (eventually) start talking Food Waste Friday again.