September 6, 2011

Plan Bean

Yes indeedy, folks. It only took about three months or so (six, if we're counting the time we knew we were going to make baby number three but hadn't gotten around to it yet) to come up with The Plan.

What's The Plan, you ask? The Plan. You know?

The one that maximizes the next 147 days (uh, plus or minus) of salaried work that I have left until Baby Bean makes his or her appearance, along with the following 365 days of paid maternity leave.

The one that turns me into a mom at home instead of a mom at work.

The one that turns The Mrs into a personal finance blog.

Ha ha. Funny joke. Personal finance blogs don't have food in them, so no dice.

I might have already been using this spreadsheet since 2009, with one or two updates:

But now it's time to get (more) serious about tracking our expenses, with some new, let's-be-realistic categories written into the budget, including (gasp) $500 into savings every month.

Oh, I do love me a good spreadsheet.

Now to actually do it, instead of playing with cells and formulas...