September 20, 2011

Paperwork Mountain

The Enormous Visit? She is over.

She left our fridge a little emptier, our house a little messier, and our wallets a little (only a little) lighter. But she was (if you'll allow the phrase) super-duper awesome, and I wish she was still here.

(Enough with the she already, okay?)

I have some pictures. They're awesome.

But today, now that everyone's left, the kids are in daycare, and I'm using up another precious vacation day, I'm at my desk. Doing this:

Being a bookkeeper for a business client who is your husband, and trying to smoosh it in around visits, kids, cleaning, eating, living, and sleeping on the couch is kind of hard. Especially when you're (pauses to count on fingers) eight months behind in reconciling the books.

See you in a few weeks.

(Hey, sometime soon I'm going to show you a picture of my toilet. Excited yet?)