September 9, 2011

Need vs. Want

Remember the shoes? The totally unnecessary, boy-do-I-want-them, no-I-don't-need-them, surprise! back to work gift from Mr?

Of course you do.

Now they look like this:

This is me, making a sad face. (Eating dry cinnamon toast crunch in the dark at 5:45 in the morning, if you must know.)

Granted, I've been wearing these shoes every day since May 2nd - well, all the days I was at work, anyway - but surely I might have been able to expect a slightly longer lifespan than four months?

Bah! Upholstered shoes. Who needs them?

But I do need shoes. And I want to buy new ones. Sorry, that should read "waaaaaant". It's that bad.

Instead, I did some closet diving and found these old friends:

And they're fine. Not new, but fine.

Need trumps want. This time.

(Ha, ha. You thought I was going to tell you that I bought a new camera.)

(I did. But that's another post.)