August 3, 2011

Thanks For Reminding Me, Cat

Last night my cats were all like: "RAWR! IMMA EAT YOU!" at each other.

It left me with some unfilled awake time (unfilled by sleep, that is), and I remembered something from a few weeks back that I wanted to ask you.

Yeah, you. That smart, crafty person in the back. (Possibly the front. Maybe middle.)

I know you're full of good ideas, and ways to fix things that would otherwise be trash, so help me out would you? I have this suitcase problem...

You see, I thought there was a zipper that went all around the inside of the lining. I don't know why, maybe so it can be removed and washed if it gets dirty? So when Miss pulled part of the lining away from the side after we got home from Pennsylvania, I pulled off the rest, expecting any minute to come across the actual zipper.

Instead, I came across this. Wood and rivets.

No zipper.

Now, this is a tired suitcase, but there's still some life in her. And as much as I like new things, I'm not prepared to drop money on a new suitcase when the only problem is a missing zipper.

So - like I said - help a girl out, will you?

How would you fix this? (If you tell me, I'll get Mr's funnel cake recipe for you.)