August 1, 2011

Project Grocery: Let There Be Funnel Cake

Let's rush right past the grocery shopping adventure that cost $76.67 (but I forgot some things that I fully expect will be added to next week, so I'm trying to be not too excited about it) and get to the funnel cakes, pausing only for this picture:

And to say that we're eating butter chicken, quinoa and beans in corn tortillas, a big salad, tuna melts, and falafels in pitas this week. And there is naan and pitas on the bread making to-do list. What can I say? I was feeling ambitious, and the prospect of a three day weekend made me think I'd have plenty of time.

Will I never learn?

Oh, right. Funnel cakes.

Yesterday didn't follow our normal routine because of the fallout from Saturday, when we took Miss to see fireworks for the first time. The reaction? Puke. She would have enjoyed them otherwise, I'm sure.

The staying up late for fireworks, puke, tubby, second puke, and subsequent second tubby pushed her bedtime back to about 11:00, so Sunday was filled with grumpiness, napping, and eating at strange times. Also swimming.

Not so much with cleaning and laundry. Or bookkeeping.

The kids were bathed (again) and in bed by six o'clock.

And now we get to the funnel cakes:

Who needs to go out for sushi when you can make funnel cakes at home and eat them all by yourself?

(I kind of do. But not last night, anyway.)