August 22, 2011

Project Grocery: If

The awesome thing about excuses is that they're so user friendly: just take them out of the box and use them as-is.

So here's my latest excuse: if our grocery budget were still $120/week, Saturday's $119.66 would have been fine.

The excess can be blamed on two things (three, if you count Mr's spontaneous cake purchase - which I do not, on account of the excessive food network watching. It was inevitable): That enormous jar of Nutella I had to have, and the box of chicken wings right underneath it, because they were on sale and Mr needed to fill in some lunch gaps this week.

It couldn't possibly be because I've - apparently - been turning around and throwing out half of what I buy every week.

Nope. Still not over it.

The really rotten thing about excuses is that using them doesn't make them true. We should really do something about that. Is there a lobby group, or activist organization that's working on it?

In other rotten news - the bum rot kind - it appears that some of the tomatoes have escaped the rotten rear disease, and to celebrate their miraculous escape, we ate them.

My kind of celebration.