August 16, 2011

Project Grocery: A Day Late And A Dollar Short

Or, to be more specific "A Day Late And Seven Dollars and Seventy-Three Cents Short".

Catchy, isn't it?

And by short - just to be clear - I mean under budget. Because I know, given last week's grocery extravaganza, that there could be some confusion.

This is what we came home with:

Yup. I see bread too. Because in the spirit of being nicer to myself, I'm going to stop punishing myself for not baking by not having any bread around. The punishment was too severe. Two loaves of bread = seventeen different meal ideas when you're out of time, and in my books, that's the best math there is.

And yes, that's another chicken, bringing our freezer total up to three. Stock up prices just keep happening, and since in less than a month there will be seven extra mouths to feed when we have Mr's brother, our niece, our friends Jeff and Amy, and their three girls to stay for just under a week, we're stocking up indeed.

And oh, so excited. So, so excited. (Breathe)

Which is why you don't see any whole chickens on our menu this week. Instead, we're looking forward to things like mini burgers, falafels in homemade pitas, chicken fried rice, shepherd's pie, and leftovers (of shepherd's pie).

Tomorrow - if I get my act together and get out to the garden with a camera this evening - I have a story about tomatoes for you, and while tomatoes generally aren't the funniest fruit (pardon me, Nix v. Hedden, I meant to say vegetable), I'm still laughing over this one.

When I'm not crying.

(Oh, the suspense! How will you ever wait until tomorrow?)