August 8, 2011

Project Grocery: Come Shop With Me

"Oh, I only spent $76.67 last week. I'm so great, you should really emulate me or feel super-duper guilty."

I'm pretty sure that's what I said last Monday. Or something similar, anyway. And then spent $10.47 on stuff we forgot, and then a whopping $172.36 this week.

So this morning, you get a front row seat. For no other reason than I decided to bring my camera along.

First, the list:

As you can see, there are some repeats...well, not so much repeats. More like Never-Hads. Or "forgot to prepare so ate leftovers". Or "epic, epic failure so gave kids fruit and cheese and stuff and got fish and chips when they went to bed".

So, awesome.

But hey, it's a new week.

Next, the Rocket Ship Cart. Mandatory. All the cool kids are driving them these days.

I took this just after Jr got so excited about the Rocket Ship Cart that he banged his head on the steering wheel. Don't worry, it happens every week. Sometimes, having an enormous head means you don't feel the concussions as much.

Meanwhile, back in the van:

Super-awesome. That's what, $1.05 in bags? Yes, let's blame having to buy shopping bags in the store for spending $62 odd dollars more than our weekly grocery budget. Definitely.

And that's where the pictures stop, for a while. Because I was concentrating on not puking. And Mr was concentrating on keeping the kids from eating each other's cookies (this - to Miss - is "The Cookie Store", capitals included. She sits at the bakery and says "I want a cookie", louder and louder until they give her one. It's embarrassing, but then she says "Please" and "Thank you", and why do you have them there if you are going to make her wait until you notice her five minutes later thankyouverymuch?)

That took care of $99.24 on some exciting sale items like ground beef, ribs, and paper towels. On to the next store, where Mr braved the inevitable "I have to oose da potty" whenever he goes anywhere alone with Miss.

Why alone? I was busy:

Busy not puking, that is. And Jr was busy - well, busy not puking too, I guess. But mostly just eating crackers because Mommy keeps giving them to me NOM NOM NOM!

That's when Mr dropped $49.92 on stock up priced things like pork tenderloin, whole chickens, and toilet paper. Our freezer = full.

At  home, I lay down on the couch, still working on the not puking (not pictured), and Mr did this for me. Without me even asking him to.

Bless the man, he's awesome. (See the naan? I gave up on making it. This week, anyway.)

But wait, you math whizzes say. That's only $149.16. What about the other $23.20 that I just calculated in my head for fun?

That, my friends, was dropped at The Bulk Barn, in a rush on Thursday night because my favourite $3 off of $10 coupon was expiring and oatmeal and quinoa were on sale. If you were worried about our oatmeal stockpile - and I know you were - worry no longer.

We're set.

(If you're wondering what I'm talking about, start with Project Grocery: A Review, and then possible the Project Grocery page. You know, if you're interested.)