August 11, 2011

P Is For...

Okay, I've peed my last pee for the morning and am steadily working on drinking the requisite glasses of water. Must be ultrasound day.

Eleven and a half weeks in and still no (written) Plan Bean. It's percolating (along with the water, feels like), and I'll bring it out soon. Just not yet.

So while Mr and I go meet Bean for the first time on screen, this is for you:

P is actually for popcorn:

And popcorn's two best friends: The Whirley-Pop:

And sunflower oil:

Popcorn: cheap, salty, delicious, and if there's any leftovers, you can take it to work the next day to calm your never-not-hungry-unless-it's-nauseous baby tummy.

Breaking news. You're welcome.