August 14, 2011

Lannis: Small Potatoes

GAH! Leslie wrote this in the midst of packing for vacation, and got it to me on Wednesday, and I forgot to publish it! Bad blog host! 

In my defense, Mr and I spent all of Friday afternoon and evening on the couch (and the floor) with the flu. My parents came over to put our kids to bed, was how bad it was. 

Adequate excuse? Probably not, since there is such a thing as scheduled posts...

* * *

Generally I don’t bother wondering what my husband does to entertain the kidlets when I’m not home.

No, when I get a moment to myself, I dance away scot-free -- be it an actual outing (like rare ladies’ nights) or just grocery shopping alone.

I don’t concern myself with what the other members of my family are up to, mostly because (a) I trust Mr Lannis, and (b) the house hasn’t burned down (yet -- at least, not as of the writing of this post.)

But then, today? Today when I went to upload this photo of the lists I’ve made in prep for our camping trip this weekend?

(Yes, that’s three lists. The master list, what’s already in the van, what’s left to pack in the van, and a bonus lesson on why commas are important. Don’t worry, grandma, you’re not actually on the menu.)

Today I found these photos on the camera:


Potatoes with weapons.


I. Don’t. Have. Words.

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