August 10, 2011

Four Compelling Reasons Why I Am Not A Food Blogger

I'm the It'll Be Fine Girl. When my recipe for Butter Chicken (from Closet Cooking. Go look.) asks for things like cream, fenugreek and almond butter, I make the executive decision to use sour cream. Only.

No photography skills. Small pink camera, shaky hands. Need I say more? Clearly this point needs illustration:

I bought naan. I had every intention of trying The Tasty Cheapskate's Naan Recipe, since I love it so much and have been looking for a new recipe to try since 200 (Non-Contiguous) Days of Bread failed me. (I say again: crispy naan! Bah!) Butter Chicken, however, isn't the same without it, and I - yet again - over estimated my after work bread making abilities, so in the shopping cart it went.

This was my finished product. See reason two. Add to the list: too hungry to take more than a few pictures and hope they turn out because my kids are starving and THE BABY IN MY TUMMY NEEDS TO EAT RIGHT NOW!

That is all. And yet, I will continue to talk about food, think about food, read about food, watch tv about food, and take pictures of food, because clearly I'm not at all obsessed. With food. (Just wanted to say food a few more times.)


(Also - did you know that the sweet Christine of Cook the Story has me up as her featured blogger this week? If you've never spent any time over there, do it now. I promise you'll get hungry.)