August 19, 2011

Food Waste Friday: Seriously, The Sequel

See, I'm not normally a serious type gal. I don't talk too much about my deep underlying philosophy, or the ethics of food waste. Mostly, I'm just cheap.

Butwhen something like this happens - due to my almost complete lack of effort in the past few weeks - I start to think harder about why I even care about how much food we waste every week:

Sorry. I know it mostly looks like kitchen scraps,but what you can't see is that this is just the top of an entirely full compost bin, comprised mostly of leftovers we didn't eat, and a half a watermelon that wasn't fantastic, but could surely have been made edible somehow.

The old mom standby - "There are kids starving in Africa" - is always true, although truer today than it sometimes is. And the completely edible food that I throw away because I don't feel like eating it is appalling me today.

I'm not easily appalled.

It would be easy for me to say that I'll do better next week (it would be hard to do worse), but I can't guarantee that my full energy is going to be thrown into monitoring my fridge and coming up with creative ways to make meh food more appealing.

I can barely guarantee that my full energy is going to go to anything, these days.

Easy excuse. Downer post.

Stay tuned next week when I slough off the guilt and go along on my merry way again...