August 5, 2011

Food Waste Friday: Give Me An E!

E for epic fail, that is.

Epic, epic fail. There was the colander with half a can of rinsed chickpeas that got left out overnight. There was a small container of German Potato Salad and one of watermelon that I didn't have time to eat for lunch on Thursday, and got left in my lunch bag until Sunday night. There was the huge container with the tiny bit of cut up watermelon that just didn't. get. eaten. and the banana half that quietly turned to liquid at the bottom of our fruit bowl. I don't have pictures (you're welcome).

Then, my friends, there were the corn tortillas.

Or should I say the unworkable paste, the crumpled up dough in waxed paper, and the burned, stiff, inedible bits of anti-tortillas? Yes. The answer is yes, I should say that:

So the kids ate cherries, eggs, peaches, cucumbers, and chickpeas (not the overnight ones), and Mr and I had fish and chips after they went to bed.


But in the spirit of picking oneself up and trying again, and following on the heels of the successful food rescue that is Quinoa and Chickpea Salad, I'm going to enlist your help - again - to help me rescue these pretzels:

Mr tells me that they were stale when he bought them from the Bulk Barn. And there's a pretty big bag. Do you think some kind of pie crust? Or just forget it and toss them?

Or give them to Miss when she asks for a snack because she can't taste the difference?